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Illustrated historical universal ampelography
Grape varieties from around the world - The large number of vine varieties from the all over the world are presented, just as they vere observed

Cool spots Côte D'Azur
This chic guide chronicles all the best places to sip a cocktail, bask in the sun, or boogie till dawn. A rich round-up of photographs profiles the best the Côte d’Azur [..]

Art & Architecture - TUSCANY
Tuscany, originally the Etruscan homeland. This art travel guide provides a combination of practical orientation for travelers and deeper insight into the art history of the region[..]

L'America libera
Ode to America's indipendence - 2013 was proclaimed Year of Italian Culture in the United States, and we felt that this was an auspicious opportunity to republish a relatively little-known work of Alfieri's [..]

Art & Architecture - ROME
This art travel guide provides a combination of practical orientation for travelers and deeper insight into the art history of Rome and the Vatican City.[..]

The Barolo towns
The Barolo towns should be visited at a relaxed, meditative pace. Explore these understated roads that open up on either side between orderly, geometric vineyards, with a sense of astonished amazement[..]

The Barbaresco towns
An unforgettable journey in a sea of hills, spectacular vineyards and prestigious crus, picturesque historical towns, famous restaurants and hospitable farmhouses[..]

Art & Architecture - FLORENCE
Florentia, the "flowering" city. The guide offers everything the informed traveler should know about Florence's art and architecture, its history and culture [..]

La Serenissima Repubblica in Grecia
XVII-XVIII centuries - From the drawings of Captain Antonio Paravia and the archives of Venice - The Captain Antonio Paravia, born in Corfù in 1754

Decorative Arts of Sumba
Indonesian culture has always produced rich and varied textiles, and many historical examples are found in the collection of which we are justifiably proud. [..]

J'arsete 'd mama Brun-a
I remember of the time I was a little girl, the sweet smell of those apple fritters... and the intense taste of sugar melting on the warm fritter [..]

Itineraries in the Langa astigiana and the Bormida Valley
Presents a network of easy itineraries for weekend outings, or tours in stages, to discover outstanding cultural sit [..]

Ayrton Senna
Over 300 pictures about story and career of the great Brazilian driver, dead on 1st May 1994[..]

Turin, a city with a fertile calling for indipendence. The innate contrariness was long to amaze sovereingns, politicians and travellers. [..]

Ferrari - The most important road cars
There were three elements that have always distinguished tha brand and the production of the Prancing Horse manufacturer: the man, racing and the firm [..]

Colours of my travels
To travel, to contemplate. To return home with icons of the world immortalised in many clicks. Unity in spite of variety. [..]

Castles of the Trentino
In October 1494, a young German traveller crossed the Brenner Pass and made ready to descend the Isarco [..]

Venice - City of art
This book is an invitation to undertake, with the spirit of an observer endowed with a taste for surprises, an virtual journey accompanied by a traveller-author [..]

Broadway Musicals
For anyone who cares about musical theatre, this is definitely a "you gotta have it" book. The photographs are absolutely wonderful and there are many you have never seen [..]

Torino lo sport e la città Over 260 pages in English and Italian have been given over drawings, photos and text plus layouts showing the various levels, sections [..]

The Holy Shroud - destination Torino
A journey through the mystery
The first book about the Holy Shroud printed in Italy in English language! Five authors writing from different points of view considering this question filled with an exciting history [..]
Carlo Vidua
In these volumes Marisa Viaggi Bonisoli undertakes a courageous and original interpretation of the personality of Vidua. [..]

The automobile museum
The Turin Automobile Museum is presenting for the first time a complete record of its collection, one of the largest in Europe. [..]
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