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The guide to a city that is impossible to forget
Turin is Italy's regal city per excellence. First capital of unified Italy and historic home to the Savoy kings, Turin is an elegant city filled with beautiful baroque churches and palazzi, 11 miles of porticos and a vibrant cultual scene - not to mention great food and some of the best wines in the world. ‘There are local tales that easily become legends. It is not that they are not true in the first instance; but as they are told by one person to another, they slowly lose their factual basis and acquire more imaginary details, becoming more like a myth’. These are the opening lines of a delightful collection of stories and curiosities from the history of the city - history to cherish, because it will make you experience the spirit of Turin and his citizens. It is a valuable guide for sophisticated, demanding visitors who want to know what they are looking at – as it is essential for the Torinesi who never have enough of the history of the city they live in. A unique and captivating book about the life of Turin: the city’s artists and designers, the hydroplanes on the river Po, the Wild West staged in a square, the first public facilities, the houses of ill repute, the funicular railway...

For those who want to know how Turin has become the enchanting jewel it is today.

Massimo Centini


editore YUME
edizione 2018
pagine 256
formato 15x21
brossura con alette
tempo medio evasione ordine
2 giorni

17.00 €
14.70 €

ISBN : 978-88-98862-96-2
EAN : 9788898862962

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